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Pay Prompt 

software provides a step-by-step process to help manage prompt payment and adjudication.

Demonstration of how pay prompt software works ("how it works"). Image shows how it guides you through the decision process for every payment situation, how it strores your deadlines on a dashboard that you can access from anywhere, and how it sends you and your team notifications by text, email, or calendar invites.  This helps ensure that you can mange cashflow and stay compliant to the new rules in the construction act.


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Prompt Payment Webinar

What is Pay Prompt?Phone

"Pay Prompt" is a web-based program that helps make it easy for you to comply with the new prompt payment and adjudication rules that came into effect on October 1, 2019.  It will help you to manage deadlines such as:

      • storing all of your deadlines in one dashboard and allowing you to keep track and send notifications of these deadlines to others on the project by calendar invitations, text, and email.  

      • when you have to pay others. 

      • when you can expect to receive notices of non-payment.

      • when you need to give notices of non-payment.

This is an Exclusive offer for GVCA members. "Pay Prompt" software is included free of charge with your 2021 membership.  Just fill out the form above to register.